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MedWAR Mass 2015
Race Results
Place Team Number Team Name Overall Finish Time Race Finish Time Minor Checkpoint Time Bonuses (-5m password, -5m correct answer) Missed Major Checkpoints (+1h each) Past Deadline Penalty (+5m for each min past 6p)
1st 4 Worst Responders 5h 33m


-2h 55m +1h  
2nd 2 NEC 5h 49m 6:04p -2h 5m   +20m
3rd 6 MIT EMS 5h 58m 5:48p -2h 20m +1h
4th 8 Bowdoin 6h 45m 6:00p -1h 45m +1h  
5th 7 The Expendables 7h 31m 6:21p -2h 5m   +105m
6th 3 GI(ardia) JOEs 5h 33m 6:09p -1h +1h +45m
7th 1 Turn It Around 6h 00m 5:10p -1h +4h  
8th 5 Pawnee Goddesses 6h 09m 6:52p -1h 10m   +260m
This race was difficult to score as by the original scoring criteria, all teams would have been disqualified. No team completed all Major Checkpoitns and finshed before the 6pm deadline.
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