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Mid-Atlantic MedWAR 2011
Race Results

Advanced Course


Team Name Corrected Time
1 USUHS Septic Joints 9h 45min
2 Team Riverside 10h 51min
3 The MF-R's 11h 21min
4 Need More Coffee 12h 0min
5 Kelen's Hellions 12h 14min
6 Osler's Left One 14h 18min
7 Bad Acidosis 15h 28min
8 iHad Long TQ Syndrome 17h 3min
9 Team Deliverance 18h 20min
10 Team America 20h 8min
11 Do Know Harm 23h 33min
Intermediate Course


Team Name Corrected Time
1 VBFD Spec Ops 8h 35min
2 Frozen Trouser Snake 8h 58min
3 The Steam Powered Aeroplane 9h 33min
4 Arroz con Pollo 9h 38min
5 Lifeguard in the Woods 9h 40min
6 Where's Waldo? 9h 50min
7 PCOM Purple People Eaters 9h 59min
8 Wandering Wahoos 10h 8min
9 (3-way tie) The Dirty Dianas 10h 18min
Fromages Sans Frontières
12 Brown Med 3 10h 20min
13 Los Bomberos Borracho 10h 23min
14 (2-way tie) 2 DUDES AND A CHIC 10h 38min
Our Path is the right Path
16 Brown Med 1 10h 43min
17 Georgetown EM 11h 3min
18 Brown Med 2 12h 13min
19 Plexers 13h 13min
20 GERMS 19h 18min
21 Rediculitis 20h 18min
Superlative Award Winners
Fastest Raw Time Best Checkpoint Score Fewest Scenario Flubs
VBFD Spec Ops Arroz con Pollo & Frozen Trouser Snake Frozen Trouser Snake
6h 30min 13/20 (65%) 1
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