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Midwest MedWAR 2012
Race Results

Dear MedWARriors,

Thank you for your participation in this year's race. First off, a couple mea culpas. When we create a course we will base it on how far and how quickly the event had gone the year before. Based on prior experience we thought this year's course would be challenging but we did not anticipate the difficulty a large number of teams had. In fact, only about a third of the field was able to make it to every challenge. (the bike tour was not supposed to collide with our race either). This is the nature of adventure racing and unanticipated things happen. If you have prior experience as an adventure racer, you will understand this. If this was your first adventure race experience, I would encourage you to not be discouraged by it. Secondly, sorry these results have taken a while. Between clinical work, a computer virus, and the difficulty in sorting out where every team actually had been, it has taken this long.

We did have to re-route the course for a large number of teams. We needed to get our volunteers home and the boats off the water by sundown so we instituted a number of time cuts that broke the race into groups. We decided to place the teams in order by how far they were able to travel along the planned route. Some teams were re-routed after three stations, some after four. Some teams did manage to earn time bonus by making it onto the orienteering course after Blind Lake. Rather than list each time finish, the groups are sorted by time behind the first finisher for that group. You will understand when you see the results.

A special shout out has to go to the teams that came in at sunset. Excellent persistence to all of you, especially in completing the swim portion as non-swimmers. Team Red Horse was the first across the line. Team Certified Evil somehow managed to find areas of the park nearly off the map in coming home.

As a group you all showed remarkable resilience and sportsmanship.

Thank you,
Midwest Race Directors

  Team Team Name Time Behind Group Leader


Finished whole course plus test-o (results reflect time bonus)

3 Code 12 --
34 Little Lobowski Urban Achievers 0:28
21 The Rohirrim 1:37
1 German Sandal 2:41
24 Fainting Goats 4:22
8 Western Michigan Wild Med 4:45

Full Course, no orienteering

26 Great Descending Gubernaculum --
17 MI and Done 0:02
15 Shock 0:10
29 Team Prime 0:19
23 Holocephalic Beavers 0:23
Four Stations 11 Red Horse --
2 Hardly Strictly 0:03
19 Siberian Tigers 0:15
4 GoLytely 0:21
9 Mustangs 0:23
31 D+ 0:25
25 12/12/12 0:38
32 Hornet Hands 0:39
33 Stealth LDL 0:40
16 Awe 0:43
35 Fast Quacks 0:50
10 Cypress sundown
18 Certified Evil sundown
Three Stations 28 Religious Joke --
6 The Facets 0:15
5 Code Brown 0:18
36 Coffee Bandits 0:22
7 Feel the Burn 0:23
27 Polaris 0:29
22 Fluffy Bunny unknown
14 The Otters sundown
20 West Side Connection sundown

Finished but no time check

12 Thing 1 unknown
13 Thing 2 unknown
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