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Midwest MedWAR 2013
Race Results

Dear MedWARriors,

All, congratulations on finishing the 76th Quell. The feedback we got at the race was positive and we had fun hosting it. This was the first year we had teams interact with each other in this way and everyone seemed to have played well together. Thank you all for your sportsmanship. Also, given the way the event was set up, everyone ran a different course. One team wearing a GPS that did all the mandatory challenges but did not do the optional ones stated they had travelled 17 miles. The winning team who went to all the points estimated their distance at 28 miles.

We did our best in organizing the results. Obviously, those that finished all the points were placed ahead of those with partial completion. A special shout out has to go to the two teams that literally went to Hell. (Yes, there is a Hell, Michigan.) Even though they did not finish the race officially, they showed great resourcefulness in calling us from a biker bar for pick up.

Again, thanks for coming. We hope to see you again.
And…May the odds be ever in your favor.

Thank you,
Midwest Race Directors

Place Team Time
1 Code 12 Revived -1:23
2 The Saggy Team -1:13
3 Organs of Zuckerland 3:58
4 Captain Awesome & the Spinal Tappers 4:30
5 Malpractice Makes Perfect 4:33
6 Western Michigan Wackers 4:34
7 Gladiator Titan's Right Hand Men 4:47
8 Gladiator Turbo's Cohorts 5:25
9 MSU-COMers 5:45
10 Lightning Bonesetters 6:02
11 The Other Rochester 6:12
12 Pinecones for Breakfast 6:19
13 Gladiator Malibu's Monsters 6:24
14 Red Horse Team 1 6:32
15 Gladiator Gemini's Goons 6:44
16 Code Brown 7:36
17 Team Ramrod 7:53
18 Eastern Stat 8:02 (4 stations)
19 Red Horse Team 3 8:27 (4 stations)
20 Red Horse Team 2 8:45 (4 stations)
21 Bear 6:38 (3 stations)
22 Eastern STAT 8:02 (3 stations)
DNF Boonshoft SOM Went to Hell (literally)
DNF Run Ray Run
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