Southeast MedWAR 2005
Race Pictures

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Selected photos are posted online, however server space issues prevent us from posting all the pictures. There are over 600. If you would like a CD of all the pictures including each team's finish line picture, we have Photo CDs availible for $8.

DSC00941 DSCF0023 DSCF0012
DSC00948 DSCF0021 DSCF0023
DSCF0024 DSCF0027 Roll1DX-02A
Roll1DX-11A Roll1DX-15A Roll1DX-22A
Roll2DX-03 Roll2DX-05 Roll2DX-21
Roll5DX-17 Roll5DX-19 Roll6DX-13A
Roll6DX-14A Roll7DX-09 Roll7DX-14
018_18.JPG 013_13.JPG 006_6.JPG
017_17.JPG 0403173-R1-015-6 0403173-R1-039-18
0403172-R1-005-1 0403172-R1-009-3 0403172-R1-017-7

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