Race Details


Race Schedule

08:00-09:30 Check-In

10:00-16:00 Race!

16:30 Awards & Dinner

Tentative schedule. Subject to change.

Required Individual Equipment

  • 1 personal flotation device per team member (available with canoe rental).

  • Dry change of clothes and rain gear.

  • Whistle.

  • Light source with extra batteries.

  • Food, water, and the ability to carry 2 liters.

  • A sense of adventure.

Required Team Equipment

  • Mountain bike with cycling helmet and spare bike inner tube.

  • 2 canoes with paddles per team (limited rentals available).

  • Orienteering compass.

  • Fire starting supplies e.g. matches, flint.

  • Water detoxification method.

  • Waterproofing method and ink pen for map and passbook.

  • Wilderness medical and survival kit.

  • CPR face mask.

Optional: tire pump and patch kit (strongly recommended). Camping equipment if you choose to stay overnight at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park.

GPS units, cell phones, PDAs, and other communication devices prohibited. You may carry a cell phone for emergencies, but we are not responsible if it gets wet. All non-authorized forms of transportation prohibited. See racer packet for details about prohibited items and complete gear list.

Racer Packet

The racer packet is specific to this race and contains vital information beyond what’s listed on this webpage. Participation in the race implies you’ve read, understood, and agreed to the content within. Please download and review the racer packet by clicking below, and of course let us know if you have any questions.

Please read through the official MedWAR Challenge Curriculum and FAQ’s for very important details before registering for any of the races.